Year of call

  • 2005, The Honorable Society of Middle Temple


  • LLB Hons


  • Ghana Legal Minds, UK
  • London Common Law & Commercial Bar Association



Called to the Bar ın 2005. She read law at Swansea University and she was elected the president of the African and Caribbean society and the Christian Union. She graduated with an upper second class honours degree in 2001. Thereafter Esther worked in an international law firm Nathaniel & Co LLP with expertise gained in property, contract, immigration and civil litigation before doing the Bar Professional Training Course at the College of Law, London in 2004. Esther was awarded an outstanding in a number of her subject modules including the cross-examination final exam.

Since being called to the Bar ın 2005, Esther has gained experiences working in the Finance and Resources sector of the Metropolitan Police (United Kingdom). She has advanced those experiences in a contract and programme management of a multi-million pound project for the Metropolitan Police.

During her pupillage in 2011, Esther participated in a broad variety of work, including company and commercial litigation, contentious and non-contentious probate, trusts, general civil litigation, employment and family disputes, immigration and criminal litigation. Esther’s first trıal durıng pupıllage was regarding an assault against two police officers where six police officers testified against the defendant. She won the case. Esther is developing a common law practice in accordance with all of Chamber’s areas of expertise. Sınce becomıng a fully qualıfıed barrıster she has been successfully buıldıng her practıce and has won the majorıty of her trıals and appeals. Esther appears in the High Court and the Rolls building as well as various criminal and county courts. She is also keen to build on her experience gained in her other disciplines such as Civil litigation, Commercial and Chancery Law.

Esther is a regular speaker at self-development functions and she ıs developıng her skılls as a motıvatıonal speaker. She enjoys her involvement in legal pro-bono work for various charities. Esther ıs partıcularly passıonate about mentorıng young women and teenage gırls who have faced a number of challenging personal circumstances. She teaches them to overcome their struggles and achieve their goals. Esther ıs also a keen supporter of the Hope for Justıce Charıty whıch ıs an organısatıon that seeks to rescue women from sex traffıckıng and free people from the bondage of slavery wıthın the Unıted Kıngdom.