Our fees

Our Fees

 Our fees are dependent upon the level of seniority of the barrister you which to instruct, as well as the amount of work involved in the instructions, as a result we will ensure to provide potential clients with a fee quotation in advance of the instruction being accepted. In some cases, our barristers are happy to agree fixed fees in advance

Our clerks are available to assist you, email us at clerks@gdtettehchambers.com if you fall within the category below and our clerks would provide you with a quotation prior to instructions;

  • Solicitors or other practising lawyers;
  • Licensed Access clients, who may either hold a licence issued by the Bar Standards Board, or be a member of a professional body which has been recognised by the Bar Standards Board; and
  • Members of the public who wish to instruct a barrister under the Public Access scheme.

Once an enquiry is received, we will provide you with a quotation as soon as possible.

  • Our legal services are priced either on an hourly rate, a fixed fee agreed in advance, or a “brief fee”, depending on the nature of the work.
  • Any hourly rate or fixed fee agreed in advance will depend on the seniority of the barrister concerned you wish to instruct.
  • Where a “brief fee” is charged for a hearing, this fee will cover reasonable preparation by the barrister as well as attendance at the hearing itself.
  • In the case of court hearings lasting more than one day, barristers will also charge a “refresher” – a fixed sum which payable for each additional hearing day.
  • In the event that the matter involves travel outside of London, the fees may also include a provision for travel expenses and accommodation.
  • In the event that the barristers being instructed is VAT registered, then the fees will also include a charge for VAT.