Direct/Public Access

Direct/Public Access

What you need to know about Direct/Public Access barristers

Following the Bar Standard Boards rules, members of the public may now instruct barristers directly without having to go through instructing solicitor or other intermediary. Barristers who are qualified to accept public access instructions are registered under the Bar Standard Boards directory as Public/Direct Access barristers’ and you can easily search the site to find a barrister by clicking this link

Our Direct/Public Access barrister takes instructions in a wide variety areas, including commercial, arbitration, migration and Human Right, landlords & tenants, business immigration. As Direct/ Public Access barristers, can are not allowed to undertake certain types of work; for example, cases involving children or where you are legally aided.

Public Access Barristers are allow to assist clients with the following;
  • Advise clients on the merits, tactics and outcome of actual or potential claims. We can advise you how to resolve various types of disputes and how best to enforce your contractual and statutory rights.
  • Advising on procedures, policies and contracts, and assistance in drafting them.
  • Assistance in drafting correspondence and witness statements.
  • Drafting formal court documents such as claim forms, defences, injunctions and skeleton arguments.
  • Representing you in court, tribunals, regulatory and professional bodies, mediations and settlement negotiations.
How is this way of instructing barristers useful to our clients?
  • You save the cost and inconvenience of not going directly to a barrister. You have direct contact with specialist and experienced legal advocates and advisors.
  • Information regarding the specific Direct/Public Access work undertaken by members of chambers can be found on individuals’ profiles pages.


You can find the Bar Standards Board’s Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients at