Chambers Administration

The administration of chambers is overseen and managed by our able clerk. Chambers’ barristers and our instructing solicitors are well managed and enjoy first-class facilities as a result of our clerk’s requisite skills and experience.

Ensuring that our professional and lay clients are well-taken care off and are satisfied with our services is the priority of our clerks.

Our barristers’ primary focus is to provide excellent services to our clients and our clerks’ office ensures this is done to perfection.


Chambers has placed a moratorium on pupillage intake since 2015.

Diversity and Equality


Chambers of GD Tetteh in line with the Bar Code of Conduct practises an equal opportunities policy for selection of pupils and tenants. We select candidates solely on merit irrespective of race, ethnic or national origin, nationality, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, religion, disability or political persuasion.


To comply with guidance issued by the Bar Standards Board, which regulates members of chambers, GD Tetteh Chambers has conducted a voluntary survey of members of chambers to gather data about the diversity of members and staff.

We are required by the Bar Standards Board to publish a summary of the results of the survey.


At the time of carrying out the survey, chambers had only 6 members inclusive of door tenants and a clerk.


The Chambers has taken into consideration the Bar Standard Boards guidance, which indicates that a summary of diversity data should ordinarily be published by categories representing the role and seniority of individuals, however, categorization is exempt where the number of individuals with any particular characteristic within any category is fewer than ten. Due to the number of barristers and clerks/staff who participated in the survey, each characteristic in every category contains fewer than ten individuals.

The Diversity Data Officer has therefore decided to publish a summary of the following data in respect of all individuals within chambers:

  • Male: 2
  • Female: 4

The Diversity Data Officer has taken the decision not to publish a summary of data in respect of ethnicity and disability, as the number of individuals with one or more characteristic within each of those categories is fewer than ten.