Our friendly clerks’ room is available from 8:30am to 6:30pm to answer any questions or book any appointments.


Chambers offers the flexibility to allow each tenant to develop their practice individually and enhance their practice with the encouragement, assistance and close cooperation of other members. All of this is done within the framework of a closely knitted team geared towards developing the individual as well as the team.

In the light of the current economic downturn, Chambers gives due consideration to the personal circumstances of its members as well as prospective members. We understand that these are difficult times and we ensure  that we are better placed to ride the storm together.


Conferences can either be held in chambers or in the solicitors’ offices.


All members of Chambers undertake both private and publicly funded work. For private work, fees can be charged at an hourly rate, or in a single lump sum. The fee rates are dependent on the seniority of the barrister in question and the nature and complexity of the case. We are always happy to provide an estimate of the total fees before instructions are received. In all cases, our clerks are happy to negotiate fees to suit the circumstances of the client and the case.

Contact our clerks for more information.

Terms of business

Each member of Chambers is self-employed barristers regulated by the Bar Standards Board and are members of the Bar Council of England and Wales. Details of the Bar Standard Board can be found here

  1. Standard Contract Terms

    Please refer to the link below for our Standard Contract Terms which take effect from 31st January 2013 : Download PDF

  2. Public Funding

    The standard contractual terms 2012 do not apply when services are provided under a public funding certificate.

  3. Professional Indemnity Insurance

    Each barrister in Chambers has a professional indemnity insurance covered by Bar Mutual (